6 Main Web Animation – FREE!

You want your website to standout! Add sensational animations that will make your website special!

CSS and JavaScript are the key powers behind animation on the web. Together, and apart, they can produce stunning and impressive dynamic designs that will work across all browsers. Here we have put together a collection that will give you everything you need to start animating for the web today.

1. Animate.css

Animate.css is a small library of CSS animations, which can be used to add subtle (or not so subtle in some cases) animations to elements in your page. All you need to do is include the Animate.css code and then use the classes provided to animate elements in your application.

2. Anime.js

Anime.js is a JavaScript animation library packed full of features. The library is performant and produces beautiful, seamless animations. There’s detailed documentation on the website and a variety of demos produced by the developer Julian Garnier on his CodePen.

3. Blotter.js

Blotter.js is a JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects. Powered by three.js and underscore.js it is capable of producing some weird and wonderful animated text effects. The library offers five different material effects all of which can be customised.

Source Code


GSAP is a powerhouse when it comes to web animation. Starting life as a Flash animation plugin, it has since evolved to be one of the best web animation libraries available, enabling complex animations and time-based functions to be easily authored.

5. KUTE.js

KUTE.js is a JavaScript animation framework, built with fast code execution and memory efficiency in mind. With everything from two and three-dimensional transforms to SVG manipulation, KUTE.js is a strong contender for creating simple and lightweight animations.

6. three.js

three.js is a 3D animation library built for the web. three.js works by creating a three-dimensional scene in which objects are rendered, a camera is then placed inside this scene. Some of the best-animated websites on the web utilise three.js.

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