Copywriting: 10 Profitable Types of Jobs with Little Competition

We usually associate copywriting with providing content for websites, news services, and blogs or writing product descriptions. Great demand for texts of this kind causes that copywriting is the most attractive field of remote work for beginner freelancers.

Creating content for companies also requires extensive knowledge and skills from copywriters but the competition among those writing blog posts, content for social media platforms or supplying product descriptions is quite big. This makes more experienced copywriters seek niches in which they could obtain new jobs.

Experience will certainly be your asset here. New types of content essential for unconventional niches require a copywriter to be flexible, experienced and equipped with an extensive set of skills and tools. Having these qualities and tools, it will be easier for you to choose a proper style, vocabulary, and language that will attract your readers’ attention.

In what niches can you search for new jobs?

Copywriting niches with little competition

Copywriting concerns not only blog posts and product descriptions, although such jobs make up the majority.

Medium-sized and large companies need functional content and texts for internal use only. To order them, this group of customers normally uses the services of marketing agencies, but it happens as well that individual freelancers get responsible jobs, on condition that they have proved their experience with a good portfolio.

Employers from smaller companies and start-ups value unique types of content and communication methods. The novelty of ideas and a wide range of content offered by you may turn out to be even more important here.

It can’t be guaranteed that you will get a commission for a “niche” text or type of content after your first attempt. However, it’s worth knowing that there are other opportunities than blog entries and website content.

To take these opportunities, you will need a “custom-made” portfolio and sample works, either commercial or demonstration ones. Jobs from the niches described by us tend to be well-paid so, for a start, think of all the efforts that you make to get a niche job in terms of an investment.

10 types of niche content with little competition

1. Branding

We all know that marketing agencies make out bills for large sums of money for inventing an original slogan, catchphrase or claim. However, not all employers can use their services, which creates space for your own services. If you’ve worked in such an agency or possess vast marketing experience, it can work in your favor. It’s also a favorable option for those who don’t feel good at writing very long texts. Do you write concisely and straight to the point? Great! Claims shouldn’t be too long.

2. Naming

How to name a new product so that it has positive connotations, becomes memorable and appeals to the field in which your customer operates? If these questions make you start thinking of one word, naming can be an opportunity for you.

3. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is one of the most lucrative niches in the copywriting industry and, at the same time, the most difficult one if it comes to getting new jobs. But customers’ recommendations and networking can help you with that: remember that your customers won’t rather publicly brag about the fact that they haven’t written the book they signed on their own.

4. Crowdfunding

This niche hasn’t been too attractive yet, but the idea itself of raising money publicly to create a project or product is becoming more and more popular. However, to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, you need adequate texts and content that will convince people to support your action. The texts appeal to emotions, but without putting pressure or begging; they use the language of benefits, avoiding, however, associations with intrusive advertising; and they describe a product in a perfect way.

5. E-books

This type of content is particularly popular among owners of smaller companies and start-ups, especially from innovative industries. An e-book can be a gift to customers, a way of winning new readers or a hint concerning a service or product of your employer that may solve the customers’ problems.

A different kind of e-books are those of “how-to” content, requiring you to gain profound, expert knowledge. All of that causes that the e-books “niche” is particularly good for experienced copywriters.

6. E-learning

Training services are moving to the web and their boom, backed up by the growing popularity of Udemy and other e-learning platforms, is clearly visible worldwide.

It’s good news for those copywriters who can naturally convey complex messages in a simple way. Here you will need expert knowledge in a given field, backed up with reliable sources and solid research going beyond the limits of the web, but the level of rates should make it up for you.

7. Case studies

Do you enjoy telling stories? If you only learn to use the proper language and style for stories of users and customers who are happy with a product or service of your customer, creating such stories can be great fun. First of all, check who among your customers has their case studies published on the website, then analyze them and think about how you could improve them.

8. Podcast scripts and video content

There are over 57 million regular users of podcasts in the USA and, considering the fact that the Spotify platform has introduced a podcast section, their number may increase. Podcasts then have their audience so they’re becoming original content that may be attractive for potential customers of start-ups. However, not everyone has the ability to speak fluently or to prepare questions for interviews – and here’s space for your services. Creating interview scenarios and podcasts is a job that combines journalism and copywriting with elements of psychology.

9. Offer presentations

The customer type won over by your employer will depend on the quality of your employer’s brochure, portfolio or a slide show so the performance of such works is not normally entrusted to inexperienced freelancers. CEOs and heads of departments don’t always have time and skills that enable them to create such offers independently. This is exactly the niche in which you are needed: how to behave professionally, adapt to the brand’s tone of voice and at the same time present an offer in an appealing way?

To obtain first jobs, make use of networking with its coaches and leaders who prepare a lot of presentations.

10. Reports, annual summaries, and materials for internal use

That’s a fact: companies still need people who will prepare reports, summaries, strategies and materials for internal use. Experts are needed who will prepare dry data in such a manner that they are much easier to “digest.”

It’s not a popular niche because signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is often required but competition is little here and the rates are proportional to the rank of the job and the volume of content.


Are you fed up with blog entries, sales texts and descriptions of categories for online stores? Although these jobs are the most popular ones and often taken up by new copywriters, as a more experienced freelancer, you can seek for other jobs to do.

The niches that we have just mentioned are rather hardly available for beginner copywriters. To begin writing less popular types of content, you need a good portfolio, solid networking and a recommendation system that will help you pave the way, and adequate knowledge that you acquire along with experience.

And what less popular niches can you recommend? Write to us about it in your comment!

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