How to Promote your Freelance Services? Avoid These Mistakes!

If you stake everything on one card and decide to take up “full-time” freelancing, then you’ll probably make a few mistakes along the way. It doesn’t matter how many guide books you have read – you’ll become aware of some of your habits only after some time.

Every freelancer can mention a few such setbacks experienced at the beginning of their new career. For some it was poor communication with a customer, whereas for others it concerned mixing private and professional content in “official” social media accounts or neglecting a work schedule – just to name a few examples.

4 freelancing mistakes in marketing

Due to what setbacks and mistakes you don’t get the best jobs? Check if you shouldn’t improve your methods of making offers and promoting your business!

Inconsistent presentation – what kind of mistakes do freelancers make?

Everything you publish in the social media that is related to your work should be consistent.
Imagine that you like a brand so you’re looking for more information about it and you discover that all of its social media profiles have different content, character, style and update frequency – not to mention abandoned accounts. It doesn’t make a good professional impression, does it?

Unfortunately, most freelancers manage shared content that way, thus wasting the potential that social media have to win new customers. If you can’t find your way in the web, don’t expect your customers to try doing it. Moreover, if your offer is too vague and doesn’t clearly specify what and for what price you offer, your chances of getting the job drop.

Consistency in the content provided and update regularity are a way of building a trustworthy and professional personal brand – and this, in turn, helps to change casual queries about an offer into a solid job.

If your “online persona” is different on every social networking site, take care of at least the same photo and biography to emphasize consistency. Pay attention to the method of communication as well: choose one and hold on to it.

Random posts and self-promotion – what a good freelancer avoids in marketing

Posting and sharing content without any plan doesn’t contribute to getting new jobs. You don’t respond to private messages and you write little about what you do, but maybe you share a lot of things not related to your work? This way you give the impression of someone who takes up programming, graphics or copywriting only occasionally and “by chance.”

Posting strategies on social media networking sites are different and a lot depends on the medium as well. Twitter requires more frequent updating than LinkedIn; on LinkedIn, in turn, sharing valuable, industry-oriented content is very popular among users but wouldn’t be so appealing to Facebook users.

You can find a good deal of free social media monitoring tools on the market by means of which you can check what content is the most appealing on various sites and when users are most active. Match your strategy to the collected data – it might turn out that instead of posting less appealing texts frequently, it’s worth limiting their number for quality.

Remember that any self-promotion is better than its lack!

Occasional networking – a fundamental mistake of freelancers

Networking isn’t simple, yet it’s the most efficient method of getting new jobs.

  • be brave

Offer cooperation to those customers who you really want to cooperate with. Allusions, reminders or promising “if you could” don’t stand a chance of grabbing your readers’ attention. HERE you will learn how to write an attractive e-mail with an offer of cooperation.

  • don’t ignore your family and friends just because they have no idea who a freelancer is

Spend some time to explain to them what the nature of your work is and what you do. If the name “freelancer” doesn’t really appeal to their imagination, say that you “work on commission for those who need websites/graphics/texts and content”.
Maybe you will find one of your best customers among friends of your relatives.

  • don’t ignore the local market

Dozens of small local companies might need exactly your services – how many owners of small businesses from your area don’t have a website or it’s neglected and hasn’t been updated for a long time? However, they won’t hire you if they don’t know that you exist!

  • be modest

If you have just given up your regular job, don’t isolate yourself from your former colleagues. Show that you value your relationship, ask for feedback and recommendations. This way you will be remembered and at the same time, you will gain the opportunity for improving the quality of your services.

Ignorance of competitive strategies – what do freelancers forget about?

The competition among freelancers is intense so if you’re not up to date with latest trends or Google and Facebook algorithm changes, several other programmers, graphic designers or copywriters, who keep up with innovations faster than you do, will appear in your place.

One of the most effective marketing strategies is to check what the competition is doing. Analyze the language your competition uses and the way they create messages for their readers. If you notice any mistakes, think about how you could do it better.

4 mistakes in freelance marketing – summary

Remote work requires above all an online presence which won’t be random but scheduled and consistent.
If you don’t have time or opportunities for regular updating of your own blog, focus on social media: they are also a great tool for winning new customers and building your own personal brand.

The most important thing you should remember about is the cohesion and consistency of your message. Do not ignore networking: “word of mouth” and recommendations can accomplish as much for you in reality as your solid brand online.

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