10 JavaScript Frameworks that Developers will LOVE

There is no doubt that JavaScript frameworks have played a fundamental rule in enhancing the performance and functionalities of the website, they have saved a lot of time and efforts for programmers & developers. So, here we have a list of Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks!! 1. React.js React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The framework primarily focuses on view part of MVC development and also makes it easy to create UI components which retain state. Learn what React is


6 Main Web Animation – FREE!

You want your website to standout! Add sensational animations that will make your website special! CSS and JavaScript are the key powers behind animation on the web. Together, and apart, they can produce stunning and impressive dynamic designs that will work across all browsers. Here we have put together a collection that will give you everything you need to start animating for the web today. 1. Animate.css Animate.css is a small library of CSS animations, which can be used to add subtle (or not so


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