online tools for the graphic designer

A good graphic can catch the audience’s attention and make the information more accessible to the reader. To create a graphic design, the freelance graphic designer has to do the research, make the graphic, and adjust the image with the overall content style. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a perfect graphic. Therefore, a freelance graphic designer’s time and strength are very valuable. Here are the best online tools for making our graphic designer’s life easier.

Pixlr is the leading online tool for editing photos.

Do you need to edit the picture but cannot access your computer at this moment? Do not worry, you can finish this task with Pixlr. With Pixlr you can edit the picture directly from the browser without downloading any software. Moreover, Pixlr offers to open various types of files, and several useful functions such as removing the background. You can edit the photo with Pixlr anytime, anywhere.

Canva is a useful graphic design platform

Canva offers several templates for creating various types of graphics. With Canva, you can create several different designs such as social media posts, an infographic, and even cover letters. Moreover, Canva takes the color from the uploaded image. You can upload the image and the system will generate the color panel directly! So you save time by checking the color codes.

Miro is an online visualization platform, especially for teamwork.

Do you need to cooperate with other freelancers for a freelance project? For a complicated project, some companies will form a group with several freelancers. Miro is a good tool to help you work with other people. It offers functions to check other people’s movements while working on the project. Different users will be displayed as different colors icons. You can check the process and even have a discussion in the miro right away.

useful online tools for the freelancer

Toggl is a simple time-tracking tool.

Do you feel hard to estimate how much time to finish a project? As a freelance graphic designer, you may work on several projects every day. Some clients would like to know the exact time for finishing the project and pay the hourly rate according to the report. Toggl can help you check the amount of time you spend on each project. You can simply open it when you start working and end it when you finish the work. Toggl has desktop app a, or mobile phone apps, and even a browser extension.

Wetransfer is a tool for transferring the file to everyone.

Are you about to finish the work but the file is just too large to be sent via email? Wetransfer is a simple tool for transferring file to everyone around the world. You can upload the file and share the link with the client. Wetransfer will shortage the files temporarily and automatically delete the file after a period of time. With Wetransfer, you do not need to go back to the website again for deleting the file or compassing the file just for sharing the file with the freelance client.

Asana is a visualization project management tool.

Asana is a visualization project management tool. You can visualize the work in the way you want with it. You can have different boards for each project and manage the process with different boards. They have a desk and mobile app. Also, offer to create a chart and integrate it with several applications.

As a freelance graphic designer, you have a lot of work. Each freelance project takes a lot of time and effort. With miro, you can visualize the process and easily cooperate with other people. Good tools can save you time and make your life easier!