6 free email marketing tools for freelancers

A lot of communication tools appear with the development of technology. Email is still one of the most common communication tools. In fact, 90% of people check their mailboxes on a daily basis. Email marketing is an important part of the marketing strategy. We feel emotionally connected while reading a letter. There are several occasions to send an email to the users, such as informing the critical update and sending wishes for the upcoming holiday.

With the right tool, you can understand more about the customers and align email marketing with your marketing plan. Here are 6 free email marketing tools. All of the tools have those features.

  • several templates to choose from.
  • a user-friendly way to design the email
  • Offer statistics to follow the email marketing campaign outcome

Hubspot is a user-friendly tool to design your email

Hubspot offers a user-friendly way to design email. If you need to create a customized email, Hubspot is the right choice for you. They offer drag-and-pull editors and functions to create the call to action button with your brand color. You can customize the whole letter depending on the need. Moreover, you can check the outcome of the campaign, such as the open rate, click-through rate, and the time spent on the email with Hubspot.

MailChimp is an all-in-one marketing platform

MailChimp offers several ways to follow your email marketing campaign. If you would like to understand the email marketing campaign results in several ways, MailChimp is a good choice for you. Mail Chimp offers a drag-and-drop builder for creating an email. They allow the user to upload the graphic into their content studio. You can analyze the outcome of the email marketing campaign with performance in 24 hours, and the location of the user. Furthermore, they also offer a mobile application. You can check your email market campaign with mobile applications and desktops.

ConverKit is an email marketing tool for creators

CovertKit offers several templates to design the letter. If you would like to have several templates to choose from, CovertKit is the right choice for you. You can schedule the time to send the email depending on the customer’s habit and location. In addition, you can understand the outcome of the campaign with the open rate, and click rate with CoverKit.

Email marketing tools for freelances

SendPulse is a tool for creating subscription email

SendPulse offers several functions to create an email for your audience. If you would like to create a newsletter, SendPulse is a good option for you. SendPulse offers a drag and pulls function to design the email and a way to create a subscribe button along with the color of the brand. You can have a further understanding of the viewers with the open rate, click rate, and unread rate.


Litmus is a tool for the team to build the email together

Litmus offers a function to build the email marketing campaign with the team. If you would like to work with the team, Litmus is a good choice for you. You can divide the task and let the teammates review the email. The whole team can collaborate together. Litmus also integrates with other applications such as Slack and Dropbox. They visualize the outcome of the campaign with a chart. You can check the result of the campaign with your team.

MailerLite is a tool for designing a newsletter

MailerLite offers several functions to design a  newsletter. If you would like to design a newsletter, MailerLite is a good choice for you. They offer several examples for designing a newsletter. In addition, they integrate with many different applications such as Shopify, WordPress, Zapier, and so on. You can track the campaign results like open rate, unsubscribed rate, and click-through rates with MailerLite.

Bonus tips: How to choose the right tools for you

You have to take additional details into consideration while choosing the tool. It is possible to make the changes along with tools for example

  • Device: Your letter must be easy to read and load on their device.
  • Timing and frequency: You need to send the letter at the right time.
  • Subject lines: You increase the open rate with a good subject line

Email marketing is an essential part of the marketing strategy. You stay connected with your audience with the newsletter. The right tool helps you work more effectively and send your message. Also, help you understand more about the receivers with the open- rate and click-through rate.