how much can the copywriter charge

There will always be competition in the market. There is no significant problem if it is fair competition, such as providing similar services requiring the same amount of payment. Unfortunately, a lot of people underestimate the value of their work online. Is it right?

It is common to encounter the low measurability of actions for asking for a lower amount of remuneration than the average salary. And lead to the so-called “market spoilage.” This means that it underestimates the value of finished work. Check this post to know how to price your work and get the reward that you deserve.

Market spoilage-Where does it come from?

Whether you work as a freelance copywriter for a while or just start to be a copywriter, you should not charge below certain amounts of payment. Some people are going to ask for a fewer amount of payment to compensate for less experience. “It’s me who needs to learn something. So I will not ask for too much. Later, when I have more experience, I will charge more.

This is a common tendency. But a few people unconsciously spoil the market for service. And they will not find more jobs after they gain more experience. Because the client usually tend to choose the types of freelancer who charges fewer amounts, especially for the projects that do not have a significant difference between a text written by a talented student (an average among lowest amount is 13 zloty) and a professional copywriter (an average of 80+zloty)

Understand your value

It can be hard to put a price on the creative industry. Freelance copywriters make high-quality content. This is a professional service, and you can not expect to take less for your hard-working. No matter you are coding, designing, or writing-remember all those efforts you make on self-development, attending classes, going for extra training, and more. They all count. If we add the time spent on researching the topic for jobs, to make the change and other additional work. We invest countless time and energy in one project. That’s why it is worth finding out the average rate for the project in advance.

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how to set the rate for the project

How to be a copywriter and take care of all kinds of competition as an expert

If you want to know the value of the job, there are several ways to do it. One of the options is to follow experts and check for more information. You need to ask a senior copywriter who has more experience, to find authorities in a certain field. You can also check the related information for example, how much do copywriters charge on different projects, the difference between an in-house copywriter in an agency and a freelance copywriter working for the same company, average copywriter salary per year, how much do those full-time copywriters make, and the amount of copywriter in this industry, etc. The essential thing is to gather enough sources. Then use the information to estimate the value of the project and avoid market corruption. Also, you will know the basic rate for a particular service, how to write copy with your knowledge, to work with different clients, and potential competitors.

However, you have to keep in mind that you take care of the quality of your service as a copywriter. To become a copywriter with professional fields and build your professional image on the market. It is essential to develop, improve your skills, and follow important trends in the copywriter industry. If you’re not following the trend, you will quickly lose your client. With time, you will know the value of your work and offer a service specially tailored to your best capabilities. With a clear conscience, you can make a difference. You will be able to receive a decent salary and become a senior copywriter. The client will know that they pay for working with professionals. Good luck!