how to find your freelance niche

As a freelancer, you have freedom and flexibility. You can choose your client and when you will start working. But on the other hand, you also need to market yourself and find your ideal client. One of the mistakes people make when they start working as freelancers is operating in too many markets. We are talking about photographers trying to get every job done regardless of the theme. The writer writes in absolutely every field. A graphic designer works on all kinds of projects.

It is normal to feel anxious and you want to take on more jobs. But we have more options to choose from. Finding your freelancing niche can help you stand out from the competition. You can even build a personal brand around it. How to do it? Here are 6 proven ways that will help your freelance career and find the right niche!

Start by analyzing your interests

Analyzing your interests is one of the steps to finding a specific niche. Think about what you enjoy the most, your passion, when you feel that you use the maximum of your abilities for the work, and even your first job. Of course, it is not about choosing the easiest and the most convenient activities. It is for finding a field that can be combined with your experience and guide you to an attractive freelancing career. For example, a copywriter writes various texts from tips for young mothers to analyze the law. For example, if you love to read related to finances and the stock exchange. For this person, a financial niche should be the first choice for building a personal brand.

Consider your strengths and advantages

Sadly, sometimes our strength does not match our interests. Each of us has different strengths and expertise. For you, the easy thing may be extremely different for someone else. Analyze your previous cooperation with different clients and think about which projects have the highest customer satisfaction. Take the results into consideration as another clue to help you find potential niches.

Do not forget to accumulate your experience

Interest and professional experience are a great basis for creating your personal brand as a freelancer. It is all about helping you to find the strength to stand out from the competition where several other freelancers also compete for a job. Also, build your image as an expert. That is why it is worth taking your knowledge into consideration. Think about your strengths and abilities, including a certificate from the finishing course and diploma. Even if you do not deal with some fields anymore or are not interested in that for a long time. Sometimes it may not be a bad idea to return to that field to take on more jobs.

find niche for freelancer

Try some new things

If you have not found your niche after analyzing your interest and experience. Why not try something new? You may discover a new interest. If you are a portrait photographer, how about trying to be food photography or product photography? Doing something new will stimulate our creativity. Even lead us to find a new niche.

Research the market

A freelance business is also a solo business. In every market, there is always supply and demand there. You have to analyze the market. If they have lower competition in certain markets, you may find a niche where the contractor sets the conditions. Since they have limited numbers of experienced professionals. On the other hand, you will also eliminate the field where a lot of freelancers are completing and increase the difficulty of getting a job.

Analyze current market trend

Take a broader look at your industry. This is also helpful for you to find a niche. Notice the direction of the market and choose the niche in which more employers are interested. Another good lead is to analyze what kinds of jobs may be automated in the near future, or another program may replace the work. This way, you will know the future of the niche.