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One of the things that need to be considered when choosing which programming language to learn is popularity. You can check which is the most popular programming language in several ways, such as the job offers and the learning material for each technology. Also, we can notice those trends in other ways, for example, growing numbers of books, publications, tutorial videos, and so on. Technologies play an important role in finding a job.

The TIOBE index is one of the top indicators of the popularity of the language. You can use the site to check the widely used language, most popular programming languages, and their ranking in demand. The index is created based on the number of search inquiries for a chosen technology on various websites. (include several websites such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and YouTube) This article will look at some of the less popular languages, but they are growing in popularity according to the TIOBE index.

R-visualize results or statistical calculations

R is a relatively young programming language since it appeared in 2000. If you want to visualize results or statistical calculations, R is a perfect programming language to learn. The r language is used for the fields, such as bioinformatics and clinical research. Many famous companies also use it, such as Google, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Facebook, and Twitter. The R language allows you to create code using the object-oriented paradigm and the functional, reflective, and vector-based paradigm. It is worth mentioning that this is an interpreted language, so the program written in the R will not be compiled. It will be loaded, interpreted, and executed by the R interpreter.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of this technology. One of the unquestionable strengths is the possibility of extending it. There are many additional packages that enrich the basic features of the R language. User can also create their extension script. R has been designed to allow the import of data from sources with various structures. We can also find the supporting format: CSV, XLS, SAS, and SQL.

R can operate across different platforms. It can use it in Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux, and Free BSD environments. People who work in a graphic environment will appreciate the fact that R applies in so many environments. (RT studio is one of the most popular) In terms of usability, the R language offers many methods for advanced data analysis. It also allows for highly customized visualization. One of the advantages is easy to create well-designed, high-quality charts. The developers of this technology make efforts to minimize the number of choices that users have to make to define the graph. The R language should be for programmers who associate their futures with statistical calculations and visualization.

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Groovy-Automation and Testing

Groovy is an objected-oriented scripting programming language that was created in 2003. It should be easier for the programmer who is familiar with Java to learn because this language is similar syntactically. Furthermore, it can operate interchangeably with Java. It is also possible to use libraries written in this language. We can say that Groovy may be a simplified version of Java which is why it turns out to be quite easy to learn. It has several extensions and amenities compared to Java. For example, closure, the ability to overload operators, easier handling of regular expressions, collections, and the ability to run in both ways. (either dynamically interpreted or compiled to bytecode).

Groovy supports both static and dynamic typing. The interesting fact is about its alternative implementation and convertible to JavaScript code.(Also called “Grooscript”)Nowadays, this language is most often used to write tests and as a script that automates various types of repetitive activities. Another fairly common way to use it is to create and configure plugins for Gradle.

Matlab-Calculations and Simulations

Matlab is a programming language, especially for scientific computing and computer simulation. This technology is used for several fields due to the possibility of reading data from external devices, drawing charts, and presenting data in the form of animations. One of the elements of the Matlab environment is the programming language of the same name. Its syntax was modeled after the C language. All variables in Matlab are treated as matrices. One of this language’s characteristic features is the automatic recognition of variable types (type determination determined at first use).

Matlab has several advantages that make it a useful language to carry out: calculations, simulations, modeling, analysis, and graphic data visualization. Also, it is worth mentioning that a large amount of the toolboxes are additional libraries designed to solve the problem in specific areas. They are an extension of the standard MATLAB capabilities. The language is also constantly developed and improved. The very good and extensive documentation is also worth mentioning, which will certainly, contribute to easier and faster learning of this technology and more efficient problem-solving. The MATLAB language should be interesting for people who are related to data analysis, simulations, and visualizations.


What is the most popular programming language to learn and other learning to learn

According to the TIOBE index, the most popular programming languages are Python, C, and Java. With time, the popularity of some less popular languages is increasing. In this aspect, the above programming language: R, Groovy, and Matlab. R and Matlab are used in several areas, for example, data analysis, visualization, and scientific computing. Groovy is most often used to automate activities and create tests.

No matter if you want to learn other programming languages. Or find something to learn while creating the freelance portfolio in your free time. You have a lot of programming languages to learn. Also, a programming language can be used in a huge amount of fields, for example, machine learning, data science, web development. People who want to work as a programmer should take the labor market into consideration. Also, other features, for instance, open-source, results, how many people understand this language and the total of jobs. It can be a chance that less popular languages such as Groovy may replace the top programming languages with time. We also notice the trend when the data analysis an the increasing number of companies oriented among the field.