Types of post that the copywriter should know

Do you think that the competition between the copywriters is too high? Do you get more and more questions about running social media besides writing blog articles? A content manager is a good option for you. Creating a content plan, forming a content marketing strategy, preparing materials for various channels, and extending their “life” via using smart “recycling” are just some of the activities for the content managers. If you’re preparing social media posts. Or you want to look for the right challenges and want to learn something new. This post is special for you.

Forms of post for copywriter and content manager 

A blog post is one of the most popular forms of content marketing and the easiest to implement in your social media and newsletters. Sound boring? You do not have to limit yourself only to the required content on the company’s WordPress site. Here are several forms of content to communicate with your fans.

Text material

Tutorial: Long, elaborate guide, ranking, comparison, and how-to guide. Those are evergreen content. Readers will always need them and will always look for your content. With well-prepared content and regular updates, they will also be a guide for freebies.

Reports: If your client has the ability to conduct research, surveys, polls, and other methods to gather information. Then you will be able to prepare a report for them. Moreover, this is a good chance to arouse the interest of industry websites and reach a huge number of viewers than a regular blog entry.

Case studies: Case studies can be the content strategy to get customers. Because they are more informative. Present the case study, how do you solve problems, a solution with customers and services.

A checklist: The list includes several points to check. This is helpful in every industry and every specialist. For example, the list of all you need to do before starting cooperation, before handing over the project, before signing the contract. You can create the list with a piece of content. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and imagine the stressful moment for them before finishing an important step. What kinds of lists will be helpful for them?

PDF, E-book: You can use the material that you already have! If you update your blog regularly, you definitely have a lot of valuable content. With that content, you can prepare an e-book or full guide. Also, it is an attractive form for using it as a gift or a way to attract new customers.

different types of post for freelance copywriter

Multiple media for social media

Webinars: Want to share your knowledge? Would you like to meet your audience and answer their questions? A webinar is a live event to have interaction with customers. You can conduct training, lectures, and even host a Q&A session.

Tutorial: Share the right knowledge and show how a product or customer service works to your audience with the tutorial. The tutorial is an important part of content marketing. When it comes to a tutorial, you only need a computer and a program for recording your screen. Any additional advantage? You can add the finished material on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Video: Video is content for showing the product. Behind the screen is the most popular video today. Therefore, you need to work on quality because they will build the brand image. More advantage? There is a chance that they will go viral.

Animations: Animation is used for explaining some knowledge. Depending on the topic, you can have a professional specialist create them for you. For shorter material, you can try to make them with free editing and animation software.

Podcasts: Podcasts have become more popular. You can prepare your own material or invite a guest to join the conversation. The advantage of the podcast is the fewer hardware requirement than making a video. Any challenge? The content has to be really high-quality since you cannot capture your audience’s attention with blinking and images.

Carousels, slides: Nothing can replace the old-fashioned photo and graphics that are used to illustrate blog posts. You need more photos to create a story on social media. Make the best use of calcareous and slides that can create a whole story with a series of photos.

Infographics: Your content needs to provide valuable information. Infographic is content to bring interesting, colorful, and approachable. Infographics with several data that are still a popular type of content. To make sure the best outcome, outsource them to a professional graphic designer or create the graphic based on the prepared templates in online graphic editing programs.

Print material: Planner, Organizer, to-do list, checklist-anything that the recipient should be able to fill out by themselves. Or solve their problem. Those are all attractive forms of content. For example, a table chart to divide hair care products, a list with receipts, things to check before the beginning of the school year, planning for building the home office. You are only limited by your imagination.

Meme: You can create a meme with the generator or popular content as long as the topic is related to your industry. They warm up your company’s image, encourage interactions, and increase your social media.