talk with clients

Communicating with clients is the most challenging and exciting part of freelance work. We do not have this important lesson from teachers at school. Misunderstanding is one of the common problems. Do your clients give you a call just to check a small detail? Your mailbox is full of inquiries but just for some minor details instead of more projects. Freelancers, here are solutions for you.

Expressing yourself clearly and precisely

Imagine walking into a shop to buy ice cream, and the clerk only says that it is roughly $10. So how much should you pay for it? More or Less? As a freelancer, it is important to express your thoughts clearly. Replacing those vague parts in the letter and your life will be easier. Trying to avoid using some words like “a couple of days, a few days.” Expressing yourself precisely, and your clients do not need to send an additional email to you.

Speaking with a polite tone

Using a diplomatic tone is a good way to impress your clients. Most freelancers complete their work without meeting in person. Your clients get a lot of emails and calls per day. There were around 319.6 billion e-mails sent and received daily around the world.  It only takes 10 seconds to change some words, and this small gesture will impress your clients. Choose your words carefully and replace those negative words, for example, failure, with not successful. Soften your voice, and this will make you sound more reliable and friendly. Clients are more welcome to cooperate with you again, and it can make you stand out in a crowd.

Communicate with clients

Using the right communication tool

Freelancers have a lot of tools for video meetings. Each tool has its advantages. If you need to use a screen-sharing function, then maybe choose “Google Meet”, “Microsoft Team,” or “Zoom Meeting”. If you are about to have a video call, then “Skype”, and “Google Meet” provide stable video quality. Always have several backup plans if the internet connection is not stable. You can give them a phone call or a video for those details.

Bonus tips: It is important to check the background before answering video phone calls. The virtual background is a nice feature if you do not have enough space.

Talking to your client in their language

When I learned how to ride a bike, my dad kept saying that “keep your hands on the handlebars.” I had no idea what handlebars were and looked at him with a confused face. That is probably how your client feels when you talk with them with professional words. You are an experienced freelancer. However, those words may cause miscommunicate without realization. Use more common expressions in the meeting, and your client can understand everything easily.

Planning before talking

You prepare numerous amazing ideas and are ready to discuss them with your clients. Meeting with clients is exciting, and you usually generate more thoughts during the discussion. It is a good idea to have a list of important details and cross them out when discussing them. This small paper will save you from calling your clients again for just one small detail. Moreover, you can also inform your those topics to your clients at the beginning of the meeting. So, the meeting will focus on the right topics.

Your freelance life will be easier with good communication skills. Clients are impressed with your work performance and professional attitude. Having the right tool can save some time and a list can help you be more organized during the meeting. Using their language will cut off the emotional distance.