How to stay focused and work more effectivity

Market your service, talk with different clients, and send a pitch. Those are just parts of your work as an independent contractor. Moreover, you also need other time to work on the project. There are plenty of tools for saving your precious time and helping your freelance business. Below are must-have tools for freelancers.

Online Graphic design tools

With a graphic, the content becomes more attractive. Here are several tools for creating graphics and editing graphics right away.

Pixlr is the leading online tool for editing photos.

Do you need to edit the picture but cannot access your computer at this moment? Do not worry. You can finish this task with Pixlr. With Pixlr, you can edit the picture directly from the browser without downloading any software. Moreover, Pixlr can open various types of files, and has several useful functions such as removing the background. You can edit the photo with Pixlr anytime, anywhere.

Canva is a useful graphic design platform

Do you need to create an image for a social media post? Canva offers several templates for creating various types of graphics. With Canva, you can create a graphic for social media, an infographic for explaining complicated ideas, and even a cover letter. Moreover, Canva can take the color from the uploaded image. You can just upload the image, and the system will generate the color panel directly. This way, you can easily create the image with your brand color.

Extra tools to work more effectively:

Your time is very valuable. With the right help, you can finish everything quickly.

WeTransfer- Sharing files to your worldwide clients

One of the annoying things about sharing files is the size. You finally finished the masterpiece and are ready to send it to clients. But the files are too big to send over email. Moreover, Google drives start to remind you that you do not have enough space. This thing will be much easier with WeTransfer! Uploading the file on the website and sharing the link with the clients. Since the link is only valid for a week and you do not need to go back again for deleting the file.

Calendly-Free Online Appointment Software

When the client sends a message to you “Let’s meet at 15:00” The first thing that comes to your mind. “Is 15:00 in their local time or mine?” For sure, you have to send another email to confirm those details. You probably send countless emails back and forward for scheduling a meeting. Scheduling a meeting will be much easier with Calendly. You just create a link and send it to the client. The clients will choose a suitable time, and the system will send a reminder before the meeting start. Now, you can say goodbye to those back and forward emails.

Coffitivity-Bring productivity to the house

Do you need a new atmosphere at home? In fact, people will have more creativity with the right level of noise. Coffitivityis a tool that recreates sound from the coffee house. You have several options to choose from morning murmur to university undergo. With Coffitivity, you bring the vibe of a coffee house without going out!

Tips for freelancers to stay focused

Useful tips to stay focused

Tons of emails and calls are coming for you. You must raise your fingers and get ready to work. However, you just cannot stay 100% focused at work. You are not alone in this mood, and we are here to help. Below are some useful tips to help our freelancers through this challenging time.

Embracing the noise

Knock! Boom! Your neighbors tell the whole building that they are ready to exercise. But the masterpiece in your mind disappears because of the sound. It is normal to hear this sound at home since you are a remote worker. Take a deep breath before talking with your neighbors. In fact, it is normal that our brain gets distracted very easily. Our brain has a very complicated self-protection system called “Homeostasis”. We have certain behaviors in order to protect us from those negative feelings. Embracing the noise in life, more amazing ideals will arrive. Staying calm and the masterpiece is just around the corner!


Changing the working environment

Do you feel sleepy when sitting in front of a computer? That is totally normal. After all, we have stayed at home for a long time. Freelancers, time to make a few changes! You can start with the light, like changing to LED bulbs. Your eyes feel less tired, and you can work longer with stable lighting. 80% of workers say that it is crucial to have a stable light in their working environment. Standing up, cleaning your table, and bringing some special decorations for yourself. You will be more productive with a well-organized space.

10-20 minute workout

Feeling too exhausted to generate logos for clients? Let’s take a small break. Exercise can clear your mind and make you feel better. You will forget all of the irritating things in life during exercise and concentrate on your thought. This blog also provides some quick exercises for you

Changing your outfit

It is another exhausting and normal day. A pajama is a perfect outfit for the rest of the day. Your clothes reflect your personality and mood. We understand how exhausted you are, and you still have to work as a freelancer. But there is a possibility that you feel too comfortable working. And this will also influence your mood. After all, you can always change back to pajamas after work. It is time to open your closet and dress up for work!

Having a virtual tour

As a hard-working freelancer, it is more than painful to change the holiday plan. Let’s have a virtual tour before departure! Technology makes it easy to visit museums for free. This year, countless museums, theme parks, and zoos offer free virtual tours. One of our favorites is the San Diego Zoo(especially the penguin camera.) This virtual tour will make you feel better.

You work super hard. It is normal to feel tired. Therefore, we prepare those tips and tools with the hope of easing your burden. Exercise is a great habit and can benefit your body. Changing your outfit will light up your mood. Having a virtual tour can bring you to dream destinations. Now you are ready to take on more projects!