freelancing skill

Treat yourself as a personal brand

Undoubtedly, in tomorrow’s world competition won’t be less than it is nowadays. Thus, you will have to put more effort to come up with finding a niche in accordance with your preferences. Still, “differentiate or die” will be the heart of success in digital times. Build your fanbase. Bestow yourself with a strategy-minded approach. If your personal brand becomes influential, learn how to delegate your work process.

Mental flexibility is your shield

Know-how is your greatest asset. It makes your career development remarkably resilient. That’s why you should always be hungry for new challenges. Gain knowledge to extend your perspective. Active learning and systematic training are your lifeblood. Re-skilling will allow you to be over a surface every time.

Cooperation intelligence

According to Paul Daugherty, a Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Accenture, there are many places where people and machine can complement each other. People strengths are linked with emotional intelligence (communication, improvisation, agility, abstraction). Robots have intelligence too. It’s mathematical brain power (prediction, memorization, transactions). So don’t fight nor compete with machines. Instead, embrace circumstances to find your excellent opportunity in the world of automation. The perfect example of this human-tech synergy is Bayou, an AI-based digital assistant who was designed to support programmers in navigation in a sea of a multitude of often-undocumented application programming interfaces.


Classic mindset

It’s about time to go back to the roots. Human-human relations will be more important than it hasn’t seen before. By reason of that, psychology, sociology or anthropology background will be absolutely essential. Thus, social perceptiveness will be crucial too.

Additionally to these new ones, don’t fail in remembering about fundamental, unchangeable pillars which reflect on being a freelancer. These are the following: organizational system (time management, self-motivation, problem-solving approach, stress management), communication spirit (networking, tech-savvy soul) and teamwork leadership.

Even if the AI-based robot became the poker world champion, produced a creative video or carried out a science research, it would kick you out from the labour market. The human touch still will be highly relevant in the fields such as environmental protection, meditech, smart and cyber city-related telecommunication, data issuing as well as silver generation management.