What kinds of remote worker you are

Facebook announced that 50% of employees could remain working remotely within five to ten years. Working from home remains longer than we expect it. We still need some time for this new normal. Some people get used to this new lifestyle easily. They can divide every minute perfectly for example cleaning the house before the meeting starts. But this remote-work style may not be suitable for everyone. There is no difference between home and office. Some people feel very uncomfortable and still try to live with this new normal.
Let’s check what kinds of remote workers are you and how we can help you.

  • Do you need more preparation time than usual?
  • Do you prefer to talk with colleagues in person than online?
  • Taking a bus to the office is more comfortable than working from home.
  • Is it hard for you to stay focused during an online meeting?
  • Do you feel less productive than usual?


If you agree with all of those statements, then you are a segmenter. The atmosphere influences your mood. You prefer to clean your thoughts on the way to the office.
Here are tips for making you less stressed.

Setting a separate space or an extra desk for working

The most important thing for remote workers is a suitable working space. A good environment can boost productivity. In fact, a suitable working space can boost your productivity by 20%. You can set up a separate space or an extra desk for working. Your mind will stay focused right away once enter that environment. Moreover, you will feel relieved after leaving that space. If you cannot have a separate space, then you can use other methods like using a laptop for working and an iPad for relaxation.

Tomato clock technique

The project is just too wide to work on and too much email in the mailbox. Time to try the tomato clock technique. The tomato clock is a technique inspired by a timer. Breaking down the whole project into small tasks. Choose the task which you want to work on and just focus on it for 25 minutes. You can jump to another project or check your email after 25 minutes. This technique can train your brain to stay productive in a short period. Click here to set a timer Moreover, you can use this Google chrome extension (StayFocused). The extension will block other websites as you wish and cut off temptation.

Having a virtual lunch with your friends

Emotional bonding is important for a remote worker. Our mental health relies on emotional connection. Sometimes, you spend all day at work and do not have time for lunch. A virtual lunch break can prevent you from social isolation and loneliness. You can also organize some online events for example virtual happy hour. Time to invite your friends for an online lunch meeting.

what types of remote workers are you


If you disagree with those statements, then you are an integrator. You enjoy working from home and can work effectively without any problems.
Here are tips to ease your burden.

Turning off notifications

Because there is no huge difference between work and home. There is a possibility that you tend to work longer. You tend to check messages even after working hours. However, you may feel more stressed and this may also influence your family member’s moods. It is important for a remote worker to have a break. Turning off notifications after work.

Prioritize each task

You just get another important project. Taking some time to organize each project. You can divide tasks into 4 categories “urgent but not important.” “urgent and important” “not urgent but important.” and “not urgent and not important.” If most of the tasks are in the “urgent and important” category, then you should check the overall working schedule. Ideally, 80% of your work shall be in “urgent but not important” and “not urgent but important.” categories. The rest of your work shall be in an “urgent and important” and “not urgent and important” category.

Have a to-do list

It is easier to have a to-do list when you work in the office. Your colleagues and supervisors will also remind you about the working process. It is a bit different for a remote worker to set a to-do list. You may spend more or less time at work. A good to-do list can help you stay focused on an important topic. You can use several digital platforms like Asana, troll, and more. Always check and update the list that can benefit your performance.

No matter whether you are a segmenter or integrator, you deserve a work-life balance life. Turning off notifications and you can actually take a break after work. The tomato clock helps you work with a suitable phase and stay focused at work. If you still cannot stay focused at work, you can also check here for more tips. Nothing is more important than your health.