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Writing Better Content: 13 Creative Exercises for Copywriters

Writing Better Content

Writing Better Content: 13 Creative Exercises for Copywriters   While graphic designers and programmers can choose from a wide range of courses for their professions, copywriters are left to their own devices. As a web content creator you can, of course, sign up for courses concerning general issues, copyright or SEO basics, but if you’re not a beginner anymore, you need something extra. Each of us wants to write better but how to achieve it? The greatest difficulty about courses


How to Promote your Freelance Services? Avoid These Mistakes!

If you stake everything on one card and decide to take up “full-time” freelancing, then you’ll probably make a few mistakes along the way. It doesn’t matter how many guide books you have read – you’ll become aware of some of your habits only after some time. Every freelancer can mention a few such setbacks experienced at the beginning of their new career. For some it was poor communication with a customer, whereas for others it concerned mixing private and


Improve Your Set of Skills For Photoshop – 5 Quick Ways

Photoshop is a wonderful application: with its help, even a beginner graphic designer can do everything, at least in theory. After the first stage of euphoria, however, the inevitable stage of frustration appears. How to get to know all of the program’s capabilities (not to mention mastering them) and then to choose the most useful ones? Experts on the subject claim that many years are needed to fully master Photoshop and that, as a matter of fact, it’s a “never-ending


5 Tools for Financial Management for Freelancers

If you work as a freelancer but you don’t run a company, it might be rather difficult to differentiate between your personal and business expenses. It’s not easy to resist a temptation to buy yourself, for example, a new Apple gadget if you can justify it with professional reasons, right? Managing payments, bills, unplanned expenses or spontaneous shopping is quite a challenge not only to freelancers. If you work remotely, however, you must take into account the irregularity of your


Copywriting: 10 Profitable Types of Jobs with Little Competition

We usually associate copywriting with providing content for websites, news services, and blogs or writing product descriptions. Great demand for texts of this kind causes that copywriting is the most attractive field of remote work for beginner freelancers. Creating content for companies also requires extensive knowledge and skills from copywriters but the competition among those writing blog posts, content for social media platforms or supplying product descriptions is quite big. This makes more experienced copywriters seek niches in which they


How Can You Know that a Job is Good? 4 Tips for Freelancers

In remote work possessing experience usually means a better portfolio and a wider network of contacts. More experience backed up by completed jobs enables you to take on more ambitious projects. Having a broad network of contacts and being recommended by your current customers to others can lead, in turn, to an increase in the number of queries about offers and cooperation proposals. How to select the right jobs among the ones proposed to you or published in the web,


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