building a freelance portfolio

A good portfolio is essential for freelancers. The quality of the freelance portfolio will determine if the client will cooperate with the talent. The human attention span is 8 seconds, and these 8 seconds affect the client’s will. A good online portfolio is magnetic and always links potential clients to freelancers. There are several online sites to choose from. How to build a portfolio and meet more potential clients?

Having detailed information about the client

Do you want to create an online portfolio but have no idea how to start it? Taking the potential client into consideration. Modifying your portfolio website to fit with the right employer’s need.So, who is going to be your client? Do you have some information about them, for instance, their industry, company size, and other crucial information? It will be easier for you to modify it if you know who you want to reach. Once you have that information in mind, then you can change the site to fit those details.

Find your perfect spot and show it

Freelancers know a lot of skills, for example, graphic design, SEO, and so on. A UX designer also understands SEO knowledge. You know everything in different fields and can finish every project perfectly. It is essential to know which field you know flawlessly. Then you can put more emphasis on it. It is better for freelancers to put the most attention on those parts. The potential employer will also feel the passion when they read it. You can leave other details on other sites or save them till the perfect time.

tips for the freelance portfolio

Quality is more important than quantity

Quality is always more important than quantity. A freelance portfolio is more than a collection of your masterpiece. In fact,it shall contain the most valuable part of your service, related articles, course certification, and your expertise. The high-quality work will bring more protective clients to freelancers.

Adding more value to your page

Do you want to build an emotional connection with a potential client? Actively manage and add some description. For example,how you come up with a less risk solution and how you overcome it. Those words will add more flavor to your freelance portfolio. Moreover, you can use storytelling skills and guide the audience into this journey with you. You do not need to write a whole report. A short description is enough to increase engagement. The potential client can have a deeper understanding of the portfolio. In fact, people have more impressions when they read pictures and words at the same time. Clients can have a deeper emotional connection while reading it.

Having another space for other work

Do you have other work but do not know where to leave it? You can leave it on other sites and keep it private. For instance, you can leave some finished project details in your personal portfolio. So when some projects need it, you always have it to share them.

Bonus tips: It is important to ask the client before adding the finished job to your portfolio. So you maintain a long-term relationship with the client. Always post the work until you have permission from the client. For some longer-term projects, extra exposure can be a huge problem. In this case, you can show the outcome instead of the project detail.

Having a professional portfolio can benefit your freelance career and lead more potential clients to you. Freelancers can build an emotional connection with potential clients with a well-organized description. With a professional portfolio, more potential clients will reach you.