benefits of the invoice

Sending invoices and delivering the finished work. Those are part of the final step of the cooperation. Have you wondered why the client asks if you have the ability to send invoices at the beginning of the process? What are the benefits of sending the invoice? Actually, a lot of benefits for you. We will tell you the benefits and provide a simple way to send a VAT invoice to your client quickly.

Easier to get paid

The most important thing with the invoice is to get paid easily at the end. All of the essential details are there, like the scope of work, the date for providing the service, contact details, and the due date. So it is easier for the client to send the payment to you. Moreover, with a legit invoice, the company can claim the service as a necessary expense and count as a tax-deductible expense.

Secure the payments

A written statement is essential for receiving payments. The invoice is a firm statement and legal evidence of the cooperation. So it can secure the payments and your right to all of the essential details in case of a dispute like a late payment.

benefit of the invoice

A better way to track the financial situation

Remember the nice time before Christmas? You get more work but also need to spend money on holiday. Sometimes, everything just mixes together. Invoice is a good tool to help you track financial situations during a particular time. You can easily organize it with the date to receive the payment and amount.


You ease the client’s burden with an invoice. Because they need it while filing the tax form. Since the client can claim this service at the expense, they need to keep all records for tax purposes. For example, the IRS recommends business owners use the recordkeeping system to save the record. In case they get audited, they need to show the invoice to prove this expense.

Reminder for the payment

A professional invoice makes an excellent ending for the cooperation. When the work is finished, send an invoice as a friendly reminder for the payment. Then you can focus on other projects, and the client does not need to find the contract for the amount. If the client forgets the payment, you can send the invoice again as a reminder.

Show a professional image

Sending an invoice can create a professional image for you and your brand. Why? Because your business has the ability to conduct professional accounting work and understand how to close the cooperation smoothly. With a legit invoice, you make a perfect ending to the employer and increase the chance of being referred to more potential clients.

An easier way to send a VAT invoice to your client and protect your work

Congratulations. You read all of the benefits till the end. Here is one extra bonus for you. On the way to send a VAT invoice? With Useme, we can provide complete protection and send VAT invoices to your client. Moreover, the client can only check your work after sending the payment, regardless of when you finish the work. You can just upload the finished work and wait for the payment.

Sending an invoice may be time-consuming and take extra resources. An invoice benefits both you and your client. You have the competitive advantage as an independent business owner and have a chance to land on more projects with an invoice. Moreover, it will be easier for the client to send the payment.