how to let the freelance client come to you

Finding the next client is an inevitable daily task for freelancers. You just finish a freelance project and build a good relationship with the client. And here comes the time to start the cycle to find the next freelance client. Do you feel tired from refreshing your mailbox and checking every website every second? It will be much easier if the client can find you. Here are various ways to let the client find you.

Add important keywords to the freelance portfolio

Every freelancer knows the importance of having a professional freelance portfolio. Your freelance portfolio is the first step to letting the potential client understand you. It is important to update the freelance portfolio regularly. Take some time to check if you contain all of the essential information in the freelance portfolio, such as contact information. Moreover, you can put keywords into the description. So the potential clients can find you with certain keywords.

Update your LinkedIn profile regularly

LinkedIn functions as a professional business networking tool. People take LinkedIn as a professional resume. Moreover, some websites offer to log in with LinkedIn. With an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, you can spend less time editing the information. To enrich your LinkedIn, you can add the following things to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Achievements: Feel free to share your achievements with your friends. They can share your joy.
  • Skills: You can even share your certificate with the network.
  • Professional profile picture: LinkedIn is a professional networking tool. You can build a good first impression with a professional profile picture.

Build a professional networking

It is important to stay connected with other people. Networking helps you to understand the current trend and inspires you in several ways. There are a lot of online events for building networking. You can find the online event on social media or a different website such as CreativeMornings. If you are not an extrovert, networking can add an extra burden to you. Here is a small tip for you before joining the event. Taking the event as a chance to learn something from other people. Start with this thought at the beginning, and you will feel less nervous.

how to let the client come to you
tips to let the freelance client come to you

Do not hesitate to ask for a referral

We usually ask for advice from other people before making a decision. It is hard to trust a stranger and cooperate with them right away. The process will be much different if it starts with a recommendation. Do not hesitate to ask your family, friends, and previous client if they have a chance to refer you to a freelance client. You can provide them with some information, for example, what kind of freelancer you are and where the potential client can check your freelance portfolio online.

Building a professional image by writing the blog article

Since you do not meet the potential client face to face, it takes time to build credibility before they reach you. Writing a blog article is a good idea to add credibility. You can post some valuable content online and share your professional knowledge with other people. Thinking about the target audience and the reason for the article before writing it. If you want to lead the potential client to notice you, then you can focus more on the outcome of this freelance project. If you want to have more engagement with the viewer, then you can focus more on the teach people how to learn a certain field of knowledge.

Always polish your skills

Learning is one of the important parts of freelance life. There are various types of online classes for you to join. Most of the classes are free and only charge an additional fee for having the certificate. If you want to learn HTML, Codecademy is a good place to learn it. You do not need to download an additional tool to practice the skill. Moreover, if you have a problem, you can always click on the solution button. If you would like to take some useful online classes, please click here.

Finding a new client is a time-consuming and all-time task. It is hard to do it all the time, but we can cut off some time to let the client find you. You can display your professional knowledge with a blog article, the potential clients have more chances to understand you. Our talented freelancer can do it! We wish all the best to you.